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Corbyn's 'credibility on the line' after Trident debacle

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Responding to reports that Labour will now not debate Trident renewal at their party conference, SNP Depute Leader Stewart Hosie MP said:

"Jeremy Corbyn's entire credibility is on the line as Labour become mired in confusion on Trident. So many of the people who backed him to be Labour leader did so on the basis of his anti-Trident stance - now barely two weeks into the job, it appears he's shying away from the debate.

"If Jeremy Corbyn cannot change Labour's position on Trident, he will either have to vote in favour of Trident renewal against his own long-held views, or we will be faced with the farcical situation of the Labour leader defying his own party whip.

“Labour no longer appears to have a coherent position on anything, and while they remain such a deeply divided party, SNP MPs will get on with the job of providing real opposition to the Tories at Westminster.”

27 September