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SNP CND Conference and Annual General Meeting

SNP CND are holding their conference and AGM on Saturday 3rd October in the Renfield Centre, Bath St, Glasgow. The conference is for all SNP members.

Please help us to publicise this important and timely event. Tickets are available now from Eventbrite Cost £5.95.

Speakers include Brendan O'Hara, MP, Bill Kidd MSP and Margaret Ferrier MP. There will also be workshops providing information on Trident and nuclear disarmament, and how to be an activist. The detailed programme is available at http://bit.ly/SNPCNDconference.


The following people were nominated for the Executive of SNP CND for 2015-2016 in line with the procedure agreed by the Executive (two nominations from SNP CND members).

  • Office Bearers Bill Ramsay, Convener - Elected Unopposed
  • Ann Ballinger, Vice Convener - Elected Unopposed
  • Jean Anderson, Secretary - Elected Unopposed
  • Brian Quail, Treasurer - Elected Unopposed
  • Ordinary Executive Members: John Ainslie, Jonathon Dale, Steve Davies, Sarah Grant, Peter Mcgillion, Lawrence Stewart

As there were six places and six properly submitted nominations, the above are elected unopposed.

Note that the Executive Committee may co-opt others to the Committee ex officio.

18 September 2015