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SNP secures Westminster debate on Trident safety

The SNP has secured a debate on Trident safety in the first week of the new parliament.

The debate titled Safety at HM Naval Base Clyde will allow the SNP to press the UK government on recent revelations concerning the safety of Trident nuclear weapons at Faslane naval base.

As reported in the Sunday Herald, submariner William McNeilly, who says he was on patrol with HMS Victorious from January to April this year, alleges that the Trident missiles it carries are vulnerable to a terrorist attack that would kill our people and destroy our land.

The whistleblower, who is now in military police custody, has written a detailed 18-page report called The Nuclear Secrets, which claims to lift the lid on the alarming state of the UKs ageing and short-staffed nuclear deterrent.

Commenting, SNP Defence spokesperson Brendan OHara MP said: The debate next Thursday allows us to address the very serious allegations made by Able Seaman William McNeilly and prevent them from being swept under the carpet by the Ministry of Defence.

We have already demanded that the MoD instigate a full and transparent nquiry into Mr. McNeillys claims and we can pursue answers when Parliament reconvenes next week.

We insist that the MoD make a formal statement on this matter at the earliest opportunity as there are now serious questions over the safety and security procedures currently operating at HMNB Clyde, Faslane and on the submarines that carry these nuclear missiles.

Commenting, SNP Foreign Affairs spokesperson Alex Salmond MP said: This is the SNP in action – standing up for Scotland- in the first week of Parliament.

The SNP will continue to keep the pressure on the government until we are satisfied that not only have they have investigated Mr. McNeillys claims thoroughly and have acted on the findings but that those findings are put into the public domain.

Trident is a key issue for people in Scotland. It is bad enough that Scotland is forced to house these weapons of mass destruction but these alleged breaches of security are deeply worrying – there must be absolutely no complacency.


The SNPs adjournment debate on Safety at HM Naval Base Clyde will take place next Thursday 28th May.

21 May