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Moral and economic case against Trident 'overwhelming'

Stop Trident rallySpeaking after addressing today’s march and rally against Trident in Glasgow, where thousands of people turned out to protest against plans to spend £100bn on renewing the UK’s weapons of mass destruction programme, Glasgow Kelvin SNP MSP Sandra White said: “The groundswell of opposition against Trident among the people of Scotland demonstrate the overwhelming moral and economic case for ridding Scotland of nuclear weapons. If you want to know more about nuclear weapons research you can buy articles cheap at https://essaysprofessors.com/cheap-article-writing-service.html

“But it’s not only the thousands of people gathered here today who are opposed – we know from recent opinion polls that a massive eighty per cent of Scots are against Trident renewal. It’s time for Westminster to take notice.

“The warm words of many politicians about working for a world without nuclear weapons are absolutely meaningless when they plan to renew their own weapons of mass destruction arsenal for the next half century.

“In recent weeks we've seen the most brutal welfare cuts imposed on Scotland, by a Tory government that we didn't vote for. It’s not just the Bedroom Tax – the most ill thought-out policy since the poll tax – it’s cuts to child benefit, to tax credits, freezing of many benefits and much more.

“The UK is the fourth most unequal society in the developed world – the Westminster Government tell us we can't afford to fund our social security system, but at the same time they can find £100bn to spend on weapons of mass destruction. This is abhorrent.

“Trident is not wanted, it is not needed, and it is not affordable, and we will not stop repeating this until Scotland is nuclear-free."

Ms White also condemned the decision of the Better Together campaign to lobby politicians in favour of Trident renewal. A recent briefing issued by the anti-independence campaign ahead of a Parliamentary debate downplayed the overwhelming opposition in Scotland to nuclear weapons, describing them as “the ultimate guarantee of our national security.

Ms White added: “For the Better Together campaign to actively lobby parliamentarians to support the renewal of Trident is incredibly ill-judged, and will haunt them throughout the referendum campaign.

“They try and claim that Trident is ‘not a constitutional issue’ – brushing off the fact that four out of five Scots are against its renewal - but the very fact that the anti-independence campaign make clear their support of Trident renewal has made it a constitutional issue.

“It is now clear that only a Yes vote in next year’s independence referendum can rid Scotland of these unwanted and abhorrent weapons of mass destruction."


For details of last month’s CND/TNS BMRB poll on Trident see http://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/referendum-news/even-pro-uk-voters-reject-trident-move.20481478

13 April 2013