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Sesame Street - Chicken About Thunderstorms

Sesame Street - Chicken About Thunderstorms
It’s a windy, overcast day on Sesame Street. Elmo, Abby, Leela, and some chickens have just won the first game of the T-Ball season. They are celebrating with Chris when they hear a loud rumble of thunder and raindrops start falling. The chickens start to panic, and everyone gathers into Hooper’s Store where it’s safe. Elmo suggests that the chickens cover their eyes so they don’t get scared by the lightning, but that doesn’t stop them from hearing the thunder. Abby waves her wand and puts earmuffs on the chickens. This time, they don’t hear the thunder but they can still see the lightning! As they continue to panic, Leela suggests that they comfort the chickens by telling them that they are safe and explain what thunderstorms are. One chicken calms down, but the other three are still scared. To help the others feel better they try watching the storm like a fireworks show, counting in between the lightning and thunder to hear the storm moving away. They also make their own lighting and thunder musical performance inside Mr. Hooper’s store. It works! The remaining three chickens calm down just as the storm fades away. The sun comes out and everyone heads back outside to play T-Ball!
Title Sesame Street - Chicken About Thunderstorms
Genres Animation Comedy Family
Release Date 2010-09-29
Episode Runtime 00 Hours 54 Minutes
Season Number 41
Episode Number 3
Production Companies Sesame Workshop, Children's Television Workshop